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At Endurance Multisport, we realize that every athlete is different. Backgrounds, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, goals and obligations are distinctively your own. Individualization and personal attention are central to our coaching philosophy. We spend time to discover our athletes in order to uncover their potential.

We design week-by-week, periodized training schedules that are custom-tailored to each athlete. And since life is more complex than swim, bike, run, repeat, we provide restructuring of training plans whenever interruptions arise. Unlimited email and phone support, fast response time with answers and advice, video analysis and form critique, and nutritional information are all included services.

We do our best to explain the how and why of multisport training and racing, educating our athletes every step of the way. Endurance Multisport coaches remain abreast of the latest advancements in sports science and equipment development to ensure our athletes remain at the forefront of endurance training.

We welcome athletes of all levels, novice through elite, competing at all distances.


ADAPTABILITY Things happen, time commitments change and priorities become rearranged. In order to maximize your athletic potential without sacrificing your life in the process, your schedule needs to fit around your family, work and other obligations. If an appointment, travel, illness, injury or any other unplanned event causes missed training, just let us know; we will restructure your training to best utilize your available time, still bringing you to your peak at the proper time. Schedules designed by Endurance Multisport coaches evolve along with your life.


INDIVIDUALIZATION We do not offer options for generic, pre-built and canned training plans meant to serve the needs of athletes en masse. Our approach is exactly the opposite; we ONLY provide a premium coaching service with periodized training custom-tailored to each athlete. During your initial consultation and subsequent communication with Endurance Multisport coaches, we will perform a comprehensive assessment to gauge your starting point. Then, we discuss your goals and aspirations to determine where you want to go. Your annual training plan and every weekly training schedule takes all of these factors into account, and give you the direction to reach your own personal finish line.


PERSONAL ATTENTION We focus on coaching a smaller number of athletes to preserve a low athlete-coach ratio. Beginners and elites are given equal levels of individual attention. From attending a race to talking you through a mentally or physically tough time, we do what we can to be there for you.


RESPONSIVENESS Our service includes unlimited email and phone support, allowing you to keep us apprised of any scheduling conflicts and to give us feedback on your training. We will quickly respond with answers and advice.


SCIENTIFIC APPROACH USAT and USAC Certified Coaches are required to fulfill requirements for continuing education courses to receive recertification. At Endurance Multisport, we pursue continuing education well beyond simply what is required, so that we stay abreast of the latest training principles; physiological, nutritional and aerodynamic research; and equipment development to ensure our athletes remain at the forefront of endurance training.


ANALYSIS Digital video recording of your form with discussion of technique and drill recommendations are included features of our service. Post-race analysis and discussion allows us to distill both positives and negatives from each performance, leading us to refine and redirect your training to address personal areas for improvement. Field tests in each discipline are performed as needed throughout the season to provide updated bases for workout intensity.


STRESS MONITORING Overtraining is a common problem in endurance sports due to the volume of training sometimes performed, coupled with the typically goal-driven, type-A personality of an endurance athlete. However, the degree of non-physical stress created by our frenzied lives is often not taken into account by neither athlete nor coach. Overtraining has the ability to ruin a race, a season, or an entire multisport career. By keeping tabs on several physical, mental and emotional factors, and tracking quality of recovery, we are better able to keep athletes from stepping off the edge of planned overload into unplanned overtraining syndrome.


ATHLETE EDUCATION We do our best to explain HOW and WHY. Many coaches do not address the most basic of issues that beginners face. As experts in the field of multisport, it’s very easy to take knowledge for granted and gloss over instructions. Endurance Multisport coaches try to explain things BEFORE you ask, and patiently answer any questions you do pose. All athletes, regardless of level, will also benefit from knowing the reasoning and overall plan behind the training. Nutritional information for training and racing, and advice on equipment and race selection, are also provided.


EXPERIENCE With over 16 years of involvement in competitive endurance sports, USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, and USA Track & Field Certified Coach Craig has first-hand awareness of the blend of art and science that serious, purposeful training requires, and how it can best be incorporated into daily life. USA Triathlon Certified Coach Erica has been involved with competitive swimming for over 20 years, including 6 years of coaching individuals – children through adults – as well as teams. See our Coach Bios section for additional information.



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