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In a world where the Marathon has evolved into the new 5K, Iron-distance Triathlons are doubling and tripling, Ultras are prevalent and readily accomplished by the average Joe, and 24hr challenges are becoming just another day, Endurance Multisport offers OUR solution: The Extreme Team (XT). The XT was created and developed to challenge even the most decorated endurance athlete by consolidating intense races, currently in existence, while including lengthy challenges, tasks, and confidence-building skills strategically integrated into our insane Tier level system.

As Extreme Team Members advance within the tiers, each athlete will learn and develop new qualities and skills, to include: orienteering, knot tying, survival basics and other necessary crafts in order to fulfill future endeavors. These can and will be tied into each tier “challenge.” The purpose of each challenge is to simply break down any weaknesses and fears each athlete possesses, while exposing and revealing new traits that they never even knew existed. These will be done in groups of 3 or more athletes, to provide you with a shoulder to cry on, a necessary helping hand when in need, and a witness to the success you may or may not have.

In the end, it is a fact that most of you will never even get close to reaching the highest echelon of our Tier system. And for those of you pursuing the ongoing challenge, it will take years of dedication and commitment to even think about becoming one of the few who do. These few will be part of an Elite group that will specifically train together to possibly become the most amazing Adventure Racing Team this world has ever known. Extreme Team is not for everyone, but when you are ready for a real challenge, we will be more than happy to have you with us.


  • Publicly recognize our fellow Endurance Multisport Club members who revel in ridiculous challenges, find fun and personal fulfillment in unusually long and arduous competitions, or push the limits of their bodies and minds to race at elite levels at any distance
  • Form a common bond between these athletes, despite geographic separation, by uniting on a team with common interests. You may be out there training on your own, but you don’t need to FEEL alone…there are others who enjoy the same epic endeavors!
  • Allow these athletes to connect and communicate with each other, which has traditionally been a tough thing to do when most tend to feel like they’re by themselves in their chosen sport
  • Provide ultra and elite athletes a visible means of highlighting their goals and sponsors
  • Assist ultra and elite athletes in meeting their ambitious goals through sponsor support

  • Current Club membership is a pre-requisite for acceptance onto the Extreme Team. We will accept applications from interested Club members on a rolling basis throughout the year, and we’ll be adding profiles of new members on a regular basis.
  • Inclusion on the Extreme Team lasts for ONE calendar year, so only those Club members who are presently involved in events of this nature or competing as elite are eligible for the current year.
  • Please note that the Extreme Team is open to anyone who meets the qualification criteria, regardless of how “fast” or “slow” you may be!
  1. You must be a current member of the Endurance Multisport Club. There is no additional cost to apply for the Extreme Team.
  2. Commitment to challenge yourself and work in a team environment to achieve goals.
  • All standard benefits of Endurance Multisport Club membership
  • Support of additional, exclusive Extreme Team-only sponsors as the program develops
  • Exposure for yourself, your blog, and your personal sponsors on our website
  • 10% discount on coaching services extended throughout entire 12 months of membership year (up from 6 months for standard Club discount)
  • 10% discount below cost on all custom Club uniforms and apparel
  • Tier benefits/Discounts as athlete progresses


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