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Craig Sheckler

head coach | club co-founder | club director
  • USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach
  • USA Cycling Level II Expert Certified Coach
  • USA Track & Field Level I Certified Coach
  • Selected for USAT's 2010 Elite Coaching Mentorship Program
  • USAT All-American and Honorable Mention, multiple years
  • Qualifier for Team USA for 2011 Long Course World Championship
  • Top US finisher at the inaugural Ultraman UK, 2011
  • Boston Marathon finisher, 2005; multiple-time qualifier
  • 20+ years experience as a competitive triathlete and ultramarathoner
  • 10+ years experience coaching and advising multisport athletes
  • 30+x Ironman finisher, including 1 off-road Ironman
  • 50K through 100 mile ultra trail run finisher
  • 7-year Team TriSports.com member
  • Board of Directors member, HCM Foundation
  • Full-time professional coach

“During the summer of 1992, in a small convenience store near the University of Pennsylvania where I was a student, I picked up an issue of Triathlete magazine. And I’ve been hooked on multisport ever since. I was drawn to the individual nature of the competition, the goal-oriented focus of the preparation, the variety and difficulty of the training, and eventually to the physical and mental challenge of long and ultra-distance racing. I set out on an exploration of personal limits. I became a student of the sport, absorbing all the information I could gather, all the while testing methodologies with my own training and racing. Years of advising fellow experienced athletes as well as easing new triathletes into the sport led me to discover a passion for teaching and a talent for coaching. Now, after all these years in endurance sports, I’m thrilled to be able to share knowledge and experience with the athletes I work with as a full-time professional coach.”