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"Everyone last night was so supportive it was truly an amazing experience, what a great crew of people, and the kids were awesome as well, please tell them and their father thank you from the bottom of my heart for cheering me on while in the water and after I finished." —From Maryjo Smith, referring to GABI

"Thank you again for making this club available to us mere mortals. This was my first triathlon "race" and it was a blast. Iím truly addicted now and cannot wait until the next one. Also,
Iím registered for the Steelman race in August so this has already made the "jitters" for that race diminish a little. Overall, everything was marked very well and the course, from my personal opinion along with others, was much harder than anticipated. Just wanted to say thank you, while letting you know how grateful I am to have the opportunity to be part of a small percentage of people who enjoy thrashing their body as I do. See you soon!" — From Mark Jones, referring to the GABI

"I completed my first Super Sprint this past weekend in Chicago.
It was awesome. I did better than I thought I would have thanks to your training events at BC."—From Brian Duffy, referring to the GABI

"A huge thank you to all who created this club and recruited these great sponsors. I more than made up what I paid in club dues in a single afternoon just by the discounts on things that I needed anyways. Sorry, if this ended up being too long, but I felt the need to share my experiences with the other club members; these sponsors are top notch!" —Emmanouil Skoufos




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