We are a team of endurance sports enthusiasts. A team with an inclusive multisport club-type atmosphere comprised of triathletes and duathletes; pool and open water swimmers; road cyclists and mountain bikers; cyclocross racers; road and trail runners; ultramarathoners; adventure racers; cross-country skiers; and so on. We welcome all endurance athletes young and not-so-young, speedy and slow-but-getting-there, heavily experienced and complete newbie, superfit and work-in-progress. We are here for anyone who finds beauty in self-propelled motion, excitement in speed, freedom in pursuing goals and pushing boundaries, and happiness in sharing all of these things with like-minded people in both competitive and social settings.


The Club was established by the coaches of Endurance Multisport, LLC, an endurance sports coaching company. We are based in Eastern Pennsylvania with chapters in the Lehigh Valley, Reading, Lancaster/Harrisburg/York, Montgomery County, and West Chester areas. This club was a long-held vision made into a success by a group of our hardworking friends and fellow athletes that volunteered their efforts. It’s important to note that you do NOT need to be one of our coached Endurance Multisport athletes to join the Endurance Multisport Club.


Endurance Multisport Club came to exist because even though there are a vast number of triathletes and other endurance athletes in this region, up until now no one has been able to “herd all the cats”. This is due to several reasons: the normally solitary nature of training; the geography of each area, which is made up of many different suburbs and small towns as opposed to a single metro area; and the lack of sufficient time-intensive drive to create a larger club, despite some well-intentioned attempts.


We have decided to pool our collective experience and knowledge and combine this with Endurance Multisport’s business foundation to form this Club. With the generous help of everyone involved in this project, we will accomplish OUR MISSION:

To serve as the premier multisport team of Eastern Pennsylvania, devoted to fostering the growth of triathlon and other endurance sports; enhancing the multisport lifestyle by providing an enjoyable forum for athletes to interact in training, competition, and social environments; improving the athlete and his or her athletic experiences through team solidarity and coaching opportunities; and supporting our national as well as neighborhood business partners, races, and other events, strengthening our local communities in the process.

What are the benefits of being a club member?


Your yearly membership can yield hundreds of dollars in savings, plus the intangible – yet invaluable – reward of sharing your passion with teammates!


  • FREE Triathlon and Duathlon Training Race Series offered multiple times per year! This benefit alone is easily worth cost of membership. Get in TOUGH but FUN mid-week evening workouts with other local multisport athletes!

  • FREE first CompuTrainer ride at our St. Luke's Fitness & Performance Center training location in Allentown, PA

  • FREE Endurance Multisport tech t-shirt (gender-specific)

  • Member-only "Team EnMu" Facebook group for discussion of all things triathlon, asking advice, planning group training opportunities, etc. with fellow teammates and coaches

  • 10% discount on ALL coaching services, ON TOP OF other available coaching discounts; email coaching@endurancemultisport.com for full info

  • 50% discount on St. Luke's Fitness & Sports Performance Center day guest pass when you take a CompuTrainer class

  • Discount on all CompuTrainer rides

  • Discount on our Open Water Swim Clinic Series at Dutch Springs

  • Discount on any training camps and clinics offered

  • Discount on our team triathlon and cycling kits

  • Monthly e-newsletter with opportunities for group training hosted by EnMu coaches and other fellow club members

  • Social events, post-race parties, and group outings

  • Chances to compete with teammates in club competitions throughout the season WITH RACE DISCOUNTS

  • Major discounts and offers from local and national sponsors and race directors



Do I have to be coached by Endurance Multisport to be a member?

No, absolutely not! We certainly invite you to take advantage of our coaching services, but this is not a requirement for membership. Anyone can join, regardless of whether they are self-coached, coached by another individual or organization, or just getting started in multisport with no idea where to begin but with the passion to find out. If you choose to hire Endurance Multisport as your coaches after you join Endurance Multisport Club, you’ll automatically enjoy a 10% discount off monthly coaching services for the first six months! For more info on our services, CLICK HERE.

I like to ride my bike, but hate swimming and running. Will I fit in here?

No matter what kind of background you have, if you pursue fitness through training and/or racing in any endurance sport, then you will find a home here. It doesn’t matter if you come from a running background but tend to sink in the pool, or you swam in high school but the thought of riding a bike on the road freaks you out, or you habitually cross-train for fitness but have never entered a race. Whether your sport of choice is triathlon, duathlon, adventure racing, or ANY single-sport endurance sport, we welcome you. With people proclaiming just how fun their own favorite sport is, you will probably find yourself eager to branch out and try something new.

What is expected of me if I join?

In no particular order of importance, we expect our Endurance Multisport Club members to…

  • Have a good time together

  • Support and cheer on your fellow club members

  • Make the effort to get to know each other through meetings, training sessions, races, social gatherings, and our online discussion group

  • Train with fellow members whenever possible

  • Give back to the sport and to your Club! Volunteer whenever you can, at Club events and/or at local races

  • Race hard and train safely

  • Race ethically and with respect for your competitors and the environment

  • Abide by USA Triathlon rules and/or those of each sport’s respective governing body

  • Proudly wear your Club uniform and/or Club training apparel

  • Support our sponsors whenever possible

  • Challenge yourself to expand your perceived personal limits

Do I have to be fast? Or experienced?

No, you don’t. We have members of ALL ability levels and ALL experience levels. Members who want to simply finish their first triathlon this season as well as members who have raced competitively in World Championships in sprint through Ironman distances. Members who seek to run their first 5K as well as those who have run 100 mile ultramarathons. Everyone benefits from this diversity, as those who are new to the multisport lifestyle can gain invaluable wisdom from those who have been around for years, and those who have been there before get a chance to impart their knowledge and learn to value how far they’ve already come.

What if I have a question about the Club that’s not answered here?

Write to club@endurancemultisport.com and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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