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Bicycle Fittings


Does your bike shop REALLY understand tri bike fitting? Or TRULY understand the special demands of triathletes? Or are they primarily focused on road, hybrid, and touring bike sales? 


We offer professional bike fitting services at our Performance Center for tri and road bikes, new and retro-fitted, and we specialize in triathlon bike fitting. 


EnduranceMultisport is owned by a triathlete with 20+ years in the sport, who combines official Serotta fitting method with his own first-hand knowledge and experience. We use our CompuTrainer set-up to analyze pedal stroke efficiency and see how positional changes may affect power output in real time. And we take your race distances, competition level, flexibility, racing experience, history of injury, and more into account to make sure you're not simply aerodynamic, but also powerful and comfortable - so you're able to run off the bike.


Contact us to request information and to schedule an appointment.

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