Endurance Multisport started as two coaches combining their efforts to provide quality coaching across the three disciplines of triathlon. Over the years, we've added several associate coaches, and group of qualified instructors to help you meet all of your training needs!





head coach | director | owner

During the summer of 1992, in a small convenience store near the University of Pennsylvania where I was a student, I picked up an issue of Triathlete magazine. And I’ve been hooked on multisport ever since. I was drawn to the individual nature of the competition, the goal-oriented focus of the preparation, the variety and difficulty of the training, and eventually to the physical and mental challenge of long and ultra-distance racing. I set out on an exploration of personal limits. I became a student of the sport, absorbing all the information I could gather, all the while testing methodologies with my own training and racing. Years of advising fellow experienced athletes as well as easing new triathletes into the sport led me to discover a passion for teaching and a talent for coaching. Now, after all these years in endurance sports, I’m thrilled to be able to share knowledge and experience with the athletes I work with as a full-time professional coach.

  • USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach

  • USA Cycling Level II Expert Certified Coach

  • USA Track & Field Level I Certified Coach

  • Selected for USAT's 2010 Elite Coaching Mentorship Program

  • USAT All-American and Honorable Mention, multiple years

  • Qualifier for Team USA

  • Top US finisher at the inaugural Ultraman UK, 2011

  • Boston Marathon multiple-time finisher & qualifier

  • 25+ years experience as a competitive triathlete & ultramarathoner

  • 12+ years experience coaching & advising multisport athletes

  • 35x Ironman finisher, including 1 off-road Ironman

  • 50K through 100 mile ultra trail run finisher

  • 7-year Team TriSports.com member

  • Race Director, 2016 Steelman Triathlon

  • Full-time professional coach



computrainer director

St. Luke's Fitness & Sports Performance Center

501 Cetronia Rd

Allentown, PA 18104



triathlon coach

My triathlon journey started with a simple challenge to run the Broad Street Run in 2007 ... Wait, rewind 20 years ...  I had excelled as an athlete earlier in my life. I was Athlete of the Year my senior year in high school; having excelled in Golf, Baseball and Basketball. I remained relatively active throughout my years at college. After college,  I moved to the Philadelphia area to work for a small medical illustration firm.  Over the next decade, life became busy and I easily added on 5-6 lbs a year until I didn't recognize myself, so I started working out again. I was challenged to run the Broad Street Run. Ten miles may as well have been 100 miles back then, but I did it and it hurt and I loved it. Shortly after that someone floated the idea of doing a duathlon ... A what? ... So I bought a bike,  road it a few times and soon thereafter, completed my first sprint duathlon.  I thought I was going to die, but that was all it took. I was in ... hook, line and sinker, as they say. I was immediately drawn to the preparation and the technical nature of cycling, in general.  Over the course of the last 7 years I gradually challenged myself and have been challenged by the sport. From a Sprint to an Ironman, you find yourself out there. During the process of training and racing you are broken down and rebuilt ... and you continue on to the next challenge with a new sense of yourself.


My father was my coach throughout most of early athletic life. My earliest memories of athletics from childhood were out in front of our house after dinner.  My father practiced with me for months leading up to the local, regional and state finals for the Punt, Pass & Kick competition. He coached me in little league baseball all the way through to my senior year in high school on the varsity team.  He also supported me throughout my achievements in golf on the local and national level. My father had coached for many years prior as the high school girls basketball, volleyball and softball coach. He was a loved coach. He knew when to push and he knew when to listen. I had always thought that perhaps I would enjoy coaching and then the sport of triathlon came into my life. I really enjoy the technical and analytical aspect of the sport, but more than that, I enjoy the mental aspect of it. There is a fine line between thinking you can and knowing you can. When you find yourself out on the race course and you are confident in your training, the words of your coach and in your own ability ... well, that's when the magic happens.

  • USAT Level I Certified Coach

  • 10 time 70.3 finisher and 2x 2nd place Overall Clydesdale 

  • 50 time Olympic distance Triathlon and Duathlon finishes

  • Ironman finisher

  • 2014 American Triple-T Overall Clydesdale Champion

  • 2012-13 Philadelphia Triathlon Clydesdale Champion

  • 2013 Columbia Triathlon Clydesdale Champion

  • 2013-14 Delaware Valley Clydesdale Champion

  • 2012 Toyota US OPEN Triathlon Overall Clydesdale Champion



swim coach

Herb Merkert started his competitive swim career at the age of 5.  He then continued on as a High School swimmer and swam competitively for Kutztown University.  Herb moved on to coaching and swimming as a USMS/Master swimmer and has competed in numerous triathlons including all distances up to 3 Iron Man finishes.


Herb started coaching Parkland Aquatic Club in 2005, is currently their Senior/National Assistant Coach, and is certified as a USA swim coach.


He is very motivated with keeping up on all the latest techniques and is focused on teaching his swimmers how to be detail oriented to stay healthy and prevent injury, while becoming faster and stronger.


Herb is honored to be apart of the ENMU coaching staff, helping athletes on all levels to reach their goals.



performance team expert | orthopaediec specialist | chief of orthopaedics for st. luke's university health network

Bill is an active triathlete and Endurance Multisport Tri Club member.



craig's rhodesian ridgeback | official mascot


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