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Join us at Steelman!


We invite all registered entrants for any 2015 Steelman event to join our growing team of Endurance Multisport Club members. The EnMu Club is Eastern Pennsylvania's premier, official USAT triathlon/multisport club. We are open to EVERYONE–our coached clients AND the public–and we want you to be a part of it!


In celebration of our Club's anniversary, all current Endurance Multisport Club members will SAVE $10 OFF YOUR STEELMAN SPRINT OR OLYMPIC TRIATHLON ENTRY! Plus, as an EnMu Club member and registered Steelman participant, you're then entitled to 10% off any Endurance Multisport coaching service for 6 months


To join the Club and take advantage of this offer, simply follow these steps:

  • Join the EnMu Club by clicking HERE.

  • Register online for the Steelman Triathlon (Sprint or Olympic) by clicking HERE.

  • Select "Pay by check" option for payment choice. 

  • Print out your registration form and write "Member of Endurance Multisport Club"

         across the top of the form. *NOTE: Race Director will verify that you are in fact a current member*

  • Deduct $10 off your total! Mail in your registration form and check to Steelman.


Not interested in joining the EnMu Club? As a registered Steelman participant, you'll still save 50% off the initial assessment fee for any Endurance Multisport coaching service.


Email us at with any questions on either Club or Coaching and we'll reply ASAP! 



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