Coached Athlete Testimonials


"I can't believe that just a year ago I was thinking of trying to run a sub 4-hour [marathon] and here I am qualifying for Boston! I SERIOUSLY could not have done it without you. The way I trained was completely different than how I ever trained before...with all the cross training and the tempo and progression runs. Thank you SO much. Seriously."  



"In the past 6 months, I've learned so much from you.  You've been a kind, supportive, challenging and consistent part of my training -- and for that, I truly am grateful."


                                                                   — D.R.

"Your coaching instincts and ability to put together solid training is excellent. I PR'd in every distance I raced under your guidance. Workouts were challenging, fulfilling, and let me max out my productivity in the time I was able to put into each day."


“The coaches at Endurance Multisport provide constant feedback, keeping me motivated. While some of the workouts are tough, they always keeps things fun and interesting. By following my workouts, I’ve remained injury free, and my strength and speed are both increasing. In fact, I just beat my half-marathon PR, which I set 11 years ago! I feel very confident under Endurance Multisport coaching.” 




“I’m consistently seeing my times drop with each race and I couldn’t be happier!” 



Endurance Multisport designed a personalized training plan that has helped me achieve and surpass my racing goals. In addition, I receive the one-on-one attention I need with nutrition, pacing, and all the details involved with triathlon. Iwouldn’t be racing at such a competitive level without their expertise.” 



Proven Results. Happy Athletes, let's hear what they have to say...

“My experience with Endurance Multisport has exceeded far beyond my expectations. Through my coaches’ dedicated presence and their carefully worded instructions, I have grown through this process. My coaches have the experience, along with the patience, which has made all the difference.” 



“With Endurance Multisport, ‘personalization’ is not just a word, it’s honestly what they do. The support they provide is remarkable. They helped me beat a 12 year old marathon PR—a time I never thought I’d see again! Plus, I walked away with first in my age group which I never expected!” 





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"I wanted to write you a personal note and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I hired you, I had no idea what to expect. I figured I'd get a training plan and some tips. I never imagined the level of interest, care, personal attention, and sometimes outright hand holding I received. But you both were unflappable even when I was ranting online about whatever I was hating that week.


Craig, I never, ever in a million years would have believed that I could be competitive at an Ironman distance. Ever. But you saw it right out of the gate and gave me lots of concrete evidence on why I should believe in myself. And I did. And all I ever need to succeed is the belief that I can...You also helped keep me healthy into those long distances whereas in the past I would start breaking down with IT band issues, etc. In short, you know your [stuff] and I can't thank you enough.You're a great coach and I wish you tremendous success. 


I still can't believe the year I've had. I look over at my medal shelf and I've collected more hardware this year than many years combined. And it's all because of you guys. Thank you again and again."